The 10 Worst Movies Starring Real Life Musicians

For years we’ve watched musicians transition from the stage to the silver screen. While some films are a massive success like Dream Girls, proving these stars have more than just a great set of pipes on them, other musicians have gotten caught up in projects, which have not only bombed at the box office, but tarnished their record of continuous hits.

From Justin to Kelly
After winning the biggest reality competition of the early aughts, Kelly Clarkson signed on with American Idol runner up Justin Guarini to star in this cringe worthy movie about a waitress and a college student falling in love over Spring Break.
In one of the most widely panned movies of all time, Mariah Carey's career suffered from this box office bomb about a singer-songwriter who wants to be famous. Post-release, Mariah would only refer to the film as "the G word."
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Employee of the Month
Jessica Simpson stepped away from the mic to play a cashier at a mega-mart who only dates guys from work who hold the title of Employee of the Month. This movie couldn't be more cringeworthy if it tried.
Swept Away
Madonna is confident in her acting skills, but her role as a rich, self-centered woman stranded on a desert island with her employee proved otherwise.
Jennifer Lopez must have been out of her mind when she signed on to play a free spirited hitman in this romantically laced mess of a movie. Talk about a fail.
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Cool As Ice
Along with his music career, Vanilla Ice didn't have much luck keeping his acting career hot playing a guy from the wrong side of town attempting to win the heart of an equestrian loving goody-goody.
Maybe Rihanna was just really bored and decided signing on to play a Navy weapons specialist in Battleship would be a good distraction.
Cher and Christina Aguilera prove they're better off staying in a recording studio, than pretending to fulfill their dreams of making it big on the silver screen.
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