WWE Makes A Movie About Wrestling in ‘Fighting With My Family’


WWE Studios has been a thing since 2002, but most likely you’ve never seen one of their movies

They’ve had a couple of standouts, but for the most part, the films have been straight to DVD. They’ve had some ok films with The Condemned, The Scorpion King, The Marine, Walking Tall and See No Evil, but now they’re up to like The Marine 8 and haven’t had a hit for a couple of years. Finally, they are doing a story on something they know, wrestling.

‘Fighting With My Family’ is the story of Saraya-Jade Bevis, the wrestler that fans know as Paige. The Knight Family, Father Ricky (Nick Frost) and Mother Julia (Lena Headey) are kind of strange the townspeople, but their son Zak (Jack Lowden) has always wanted to be a wrestler, so when the opportunity came about he went audition with his sister Raya (Paige, played by Florence Pugh). Coach (Vince Vaughn) watched the two and only Raya got in. She would have to leave her brother and family to join the WWE, all with The Rock (played by actual Dwayne Johnson) to help out.

The film probably won’t win any Oscars, but might be an interesting inside look at what it takes to become a WWE superstar, and more so, the interesting life of Paige.


‘Fighting With My Family’ releases February 22, 2019.