You Will GASP When You Learn The Actual Lyrics To ‘Circle of Life’ From ‘The Lion King’

Sometimes things are just as simple as they seems. Which is apparently the case of the iconic opening song of the classic Disney animated movie The Lion King. Thanks to those amazing Tumblr sleuths who just keep breaking the news and conceiving new (and totally plausible conspiracy theories) we now know the lyrics to “Circle of Life”, the opening song from the movie.


We’ll give you the rundown. The song is actually written in Zulu and we have the English translation below.

What you hear: Naaaaaaaaaaaah savenyaaaaaa ba da bi sibaba!
What the lyrics actually are, translated: There comes a lion / Yes, it is a lion!

So yes, it truly is that simple. “There comes a lion; yes, it is a lion.”

No thrills and frills here, folks. Just the cold hard facts! Seriously, we don’t know why we’re so shocked by this but this was a total mind f*ck!!


What have you always thought the lyrics were? Let us know in the comments below!