Zoe Kravitz keen to get back to The Batman set despite safety concerns

Zoe Kravitz

Zoe Kravitz can’t wait to get back to filming The Batman in London, even though she doesn’t know how movie bosses will keep her safe amid the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

The actress was portraying Catwoman in director Matt Reeves’ new blockbuster before production was shut down in March (2020), and she admits that because the role involved costume and make-up supervisors touching her face and skin all day, she’s not sure how they’ll make her look good if they have to keep their distance once the cameras start rolling again.

“You have people just touching your face, touching your body all day long,” Zoe tells Variety. “I need help getting into the catsuit. I can’t do it on my own.

“I was probably touched more (on this film) than any job, just because of the clothes and the combat and all of that.”

But Zoe insists she will be ready to go back to work when she gets the OK: “I’m hoping to wake up every day to an email or a phone call saying, ‘We’re ready to go!’ I’m in touch with everybody, and everyone’s ready to go when it’s safe.”

She’s not the only castmate raring to go – Colin Farrell is also keen to get back to the set to pick up where he left off with villain The Penguin.

He recently said, “It’s all exciting, to be a part of that universe… I really am so excited to get back and explore it. I haven’t got that much to do. I have a certain amount in the film. I am not all over it by any means, but there are a couple of tasty scenes I have in it… It feels original and fun, but I am only at the start of the journey.”