15 Zombie Movies To Watch When You’re Craving Brains

If you’re anything like us, sometimes you crave brains. If re-watching The Walking Dead just isn’t cutting it for you right now, why not pop in a classic zombie movie? Some days we need to watch the originals, while other days we’re happy to watch Brad Pitt take on new-age zombies, while wearing a very fashionable blue scarf. Either way, we’ve got a craving for brains, and there is only one way to satisfy that.

Dawn of the Dead
You can't top this movie, despite how hard some people will try. This is personally our favorite out of all of the Living Dead series.
Night of the Living Dead
They won't stay dead! Before people even really called them zombies, we had Night of the Living Dead, a movie so significantly historical in zombie culture, it was selected by the Library of Congress for preservation in the National Film Registry.
Shaun of the Dead
Usually, we prefer angst and terror in our zombie flicks, but Shaun of the Dead was the freshest take we've ever seen in this genre. It is funnier than most straight comedies and it also gets zombies just right.
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Woody Harrelson's love for Twinkies not only makes this a hilarious zombie movie, but one of the greatest American films ever made.
Resident Evil
For the most part, the Resident Evil series has served as proof for why humans shouldn't mess around with made-up diseases. We're not sure who is scarier in this, the zombies or the re-animated animals.
Day of the Dead
George A. Romero knows his stuff. After there was Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead, we got this great movie about a world overrun with zombies, while a small group attempted to fix it all. But more importantly, The Walking Dead fans can all happily re-watch this movie and realize that Pvt. Johnson is Greg Nicotero.
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28 Days Later
A man wakes up from a coma and finds out that while he was out, an aggressive infection has spread and turned the populace of his country into violent, flesh-eating zombies. Sound familiar? Well, this came long before our favorite AMC show and when we first watched it, we were kind of amazed. How did he manage to survive while unconscious?
Dawn of the Dead
Some remakes are worth mentioning. This 2004 remake is one of the very few zombie remakes that we actually enjoyed and can watch as often as the original.
Warm Bodies
Warm Bodies is not your typical zombie movie. R is a self-aware zombie that falls in love with a human. Sounds epically cheesy right? Nope. It's sweet and romantic and don't worry, there is some brain-eating for all you zombie lovers.
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I Am Legend
We would not want to run into one of these zombies, especially that alpha. This movie was basically a testament to how well Will Smith can act (he doesn't need anyone else to star in his films) but it also boiled down the true terror a zombie apocalypse could bring.
Planet Terror
Robert Rodriguez should be in charge of making all future zombie films. And Josh Brolin should star in each movie and kick everyone's ass.
World War Z
The zombies in this movie are absolutely terrifying. We'd probably have found the movie itself 10x scarier if Brad Pitt hadn't worn that ridiculous scarf the entire time. Who accesorizes for an apocalypse?
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Army of Darkness
Time traveling + battling zombies = an epic, cool movie that we will probably never get tired of, even if it's a questionable plot line.
Dead Alive
If you like your zombie movies jam-packed with gore, Dead Alive is the movie for you. It's so gory, we can't watch if before/after we've eaten food.
Return of the Living Dead
Zombies that want to eat brains, but also want to party with us? Sign us up for that! We've got Return of the Living Dead to thank for coining the trait of zombies wanting to eat brains, not just human flesh.

Which zombie movie do you think should rule them all? We’re pretty fond of the original Dawn of the Dead, but we also happen to have a major soft spot in our hearts for Warm Bodies.


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