Courteney Cox appears and raps in new Idris Elba music video

Courteney Cox

Idris Elba has recruited former Friends star Courteney Cox for his latest music video.

The actress wrote and recorded a rap for the actor and DJ’s latest track, titled Courteney Cox – a collaboration with rapper Connor Price, who wrote the song after confessing to a lifelong crush on Cox.

The tune started out as a freestyle with Elba talking about his COVID battle last spring – he encouraged musicians to jump on the song with him and Price, a former child star, took on the challenge, and he and Elba became fast friends.

The Cinderella Man actor convinced Idris to turn their collaboration into an ode to his favorite Friends star – and Elba used his Hollywood connections to recruit Cox for the video. She added a rap, which became part of the tune.

“I kind of thought Idris was joking when he was like, ‘Hey, if we ever do this music video, we gotta get Courteney Cox’. Then, surely enough, he’s Idris Elba. I thought, ‘He can probably make that happen’. Idris’ publicist and someone from her team made that connection. We each sent her a one-minute video introducing ourselves, which was awkward to do…

“We pretty much said who we were and sent her the song. We said, ‘There’s no disrespect towards you, we love you, and we’d love for you to hear the song and be involved in any way you want’. She came back and liked it… That skit at the end and rap was entirely her idea. We originally came to her and was unsure how she’d react (sic).”

Idris adds, “She looped the instrumental herself. She got a musical background and a musical family.

She plays the piano and stuff. She looped that, wrote that and we were like, ‘D**n, OK!’ It was funny, man.”