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Liam Gallagher slams Arctic Monkeys’ Alex Turner for fake U.S. accent

Liam Gallagher has slammed fellow British rocker Alex Turner for putting on an American accent.
The Arctic Monkeys frontman moved with the band to the U.S. to record their 2008 album Humbug, and both their subsequent albums were recorded in America.
Alex hugely altered his image and started wearing his hair in an Elvis Presley style quiff, and fans were surprised when he spoke in a transatlantic drawl instead of his old Sheffield accent at the 2013 Glastonbury festival.
Liam, who is famously proud of his Manchester roots, was asked for his views on Brits who change their accents to sing by BBC Radio 1 DJ Greg James and singled out his rock rival for criticism.
He said, “Yeah, the singing’s alright for me, you know what I mean? “It’s when they do an interview and that, later on down the line and they’ve been to America once and they come back and they start speaking American, you know what I mean? “Like the geezer out of the Arctic Monkeys. He did it didn’t he?”
Slamming the singer, Liam continued, “He started getting his hair in a quiff and biker leather jackets on, you know what I mean?”
Mocking Alex, he said the Arctic Monkeys star’s mother would “give him a clip” if he spoke like that at home.
After the Glastonbury gig the musician admitted to NME magazine that his accent had changed, but said it was “not intentional”.
Ironically, one of the Arctic Monkeys early tracks, Fake Tales of San Francisco, contains lyrics criticising Brits who pretend to be from the U.S.
Alex may yet return to his old accent, as the band have returned to their hometown of Sheffield, England, to record their next album.

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