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Peter Andre: ‘My brother’s death tore family apart’

Peter Andre is still devastated by losing his brother Andrew to cancer as it “tore” his family apart.
Andrew passed away in 2012 after losing his battle against kidney cancer, and the Mysterious Girl singer says his family have never got over the trauma of his death.
“We don’t talk about it, we’ve never really got over it. It made me realise millions of families go through this,” he said in an interview with U.K. news show Good Morning Britain. “Us guys sometimes are a bit stubborn, sometimes you think it’s nothing, but it could be too late. It’s really important.”
Andrew was diagnosed with the disease in February 2012, before tragically passing away that December at just 54. Peter put his life on hold and cancelled his tour to be at his brother’s bedside.
In 2013 he teamed up with bosses at Cancer Research UK to set up his own Peter Andre fund with the aim ensuring cancer is diagnosed as early as possible to give sufferers the best chance of survival.
The 44-year-old star, who had a high profile four-year marriage to glamour model Katie Price, has also spoken out about suffering a mental breakdown in his mid-20s.
“I suffered panic attacks for more than two years,” he told British newspaper The Sun. “What I’ve learnt is that mental illness is a major problem but because we can’t see it we think nothing is wrong. But let me tell you, it is scarier than anything you could ever imagine.”
Peter is backing the Movember campaign by growing a moustache, a charity that raises funds for men’s health projects including the fight against testicular cancer and male suicide.
Urging those who feel depressed to get help, he added, “My message to people going through this is it is beatable. I feel I have overcome so many of my demons, but there are a lot of men out there that haven’t and think they can’t.”

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