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Pose star Mj Rodriguez: ‘Musical theatre allowed me to be the person I wanted to be’

Pose actress Mj Rodriguez has lauded her years in musical theatre for allowing her to be her true self.
The transgender actress was given the opportunity to star as Angel in Rent during her first semester at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, and the 28-year-old took the opportunity as a sign things were heading in the right direction.
“I was like, ‘Okay, I should stay in college, but I’m going to pursue my career, and I think Berklee is going to live for this, ’cause I think that’s why they have me here-to train me to go out and pursue what I love to do’,” she recalled in an interview with Cosmopolitan.
Following the conclusion of the off-Broadway revival of Rent in 2012, Rodriguez made the decision to go on hiatus and begin her transition. She began hormone replacement therapy in early 2016.
While she previously admitted she “prayed to become female” at age seven, she credits her years on the stage as allowing her to be her authentic self.
“There was a physical identity of what people perceived as ‘boy’, but that’s not how I was feeling inside,” she explained. “The people that I worked with, they saw that when I got on stage and I actually got to live in the clothing that I wanted to be in.”
After a period out of the spotlight, Rodriguez got an audition for FX’s Pose – which has the largest cast of transgender actors to ever appear as series regulars in a scripted television show – and the star is thrilled to be able to represent the LGBTQ community on screen to fans globally.
“I can actually give love to the people that have never received love, so being in this position where I can give my love with my art…I’m happy about it,” she gushed.

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