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Aidan Quinn’s helicopter lands on Northern Irish family’s lawn

The Desperately Seeking Susan star was making his way from Connemara in Ireland to Portrush in Northern Ireland, where he was due to play in the Pro Am golf tournament for the Irish Open on Wednesday (27Jun12), but his journey hit a stumbling block when blustery weather conditions grounded his chopper.

The pilot landed the aircraft on the McKaigue family’s lawn – much to the shock of the clan’s patriarch, who was parking his car at home when American Quinn touched down on his land.

The actor mistook McKaigue for his chauffeur, who had been sent to pick him up, and the incident made for an awkward encounter.

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McKaigue’s son Padraig tells the BBC, “Aidan Quinn thought my father was the driver he had ordered and he opened the back door of the jeep, put his luggage in and said: ‘Thanks for coming so fast.’

“My dad turned around and said: ‘Who the hell are you?’ If it had been Clint Eastwood, he might have known him, but he didn’t know Aidan Quinn, famous and all as he is.”

Quinn apologised for the case of mistaken identity and was invited into the McKaigues’ home to wait for his real driver.

Padraig adds, “They had a cup of tea and some sandwiches… then were on their way.”

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