A CC Cream That Puts All The Others To Shame?

Let’s get real for a second, at any given time our makeup drawers are packed with a plethora of AA, BB, CC, and DD creams (and shampoos, concealers, lipsticks…), but can anyone actually tell the difference between those double B’s, double C’s, and double D’s (hey, get your mind out of the gutter)?

Our first foray into the world of alphabet beauty products came through the famed Dr. Jart+ line. If you’re unfamiliar with the brand, it was Dr. Jart+ who introduced the Western Hemisphere to the Beauty Balm in 2011—and thus the biggest beauty trend since red lipstick was born. Flash forward two years and most brands are already flying past DD creams and heading to EE cream territory (we can’t even imagine what that could entail). So, we have to ask, what’s taken our favorite brand so long to jump on the bandwagon?

and thus the biggest beauty trend since red lipstick was born

With everyone trying to get the edge over competitors, we’re not surprised Dr Jart+ has been meticulously perfecting a CC cream that actually does what is advertised. Though considered the Mecca of BB cream, the brands skincare line has only been in existence since 2005 and has since become one of Asia’s leading brands—a huge fête for anyone. By 2007 they had several awards in Asia such as “Best Selling Brand” and “Best Selling Product” under their belt that can only come from products that deliver results.

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Finally, the time has come to fill the Holy Grail CC cream void in our lives. The Complete Care Essence Balm is a perfect name for a product that has a laundry list of benefits that include color correcting, brightening, anti-aging, anti-acne properties, and skin plumping. Not to mention it’s jam packed with good-for-your-skin vitamins.

Many CC creams on the market are employed to work on their own—no additional products required, so they say— but the Dr. Jart+ variety is touted to work as a companion to their ever popular BB cream. The brand suggests wearing it over your BB cream and carrying it with you for any (non-cakey) touch ups. We see-see (sorry, had to!) what the big deal is. 

Dr. Jart+ CC Essence Balm is available at Sephora for $42.