The Badass Bob

From the moment dancer Irene Castle debuted the bob haircut in 1915, the blunt crop has become synonymous with style. Some of the world’s most fashionable women — from Greta Garbo to Anna Wintour – have made it their signature style.

With sharp angles and straight lines – its goes against what society defines as traditionally attractive – making it both empowering and super sexy. It’s not just a haircut – it’s a statement. Case in point: Punk rock legend (and ultimate girl crush), Debbie Harry. Her raspy voice got her heard, but it was her platinum, shaggy bob that got her noticed.

So when did the bob get such a bad rep? At some point, in the 80s, it went from a sleek style to a puffy triangle — made worse by the soccer moms that wore it. And it’s that image – sadly – that flashes before us when we hear the word ‘bob’. So, when I started talking about the rad versions I’ve been seeing lately, most of the BTR staff started to tweak like they were coming off bad heroin.

But this time around, the bob is badass.

Gone are the precise – and poufy – styles. Instead, they are choppy and suggestively tousled. They stay true to their linear shape but with a freer, effortless vibe. And in some cases, (the best ones) rad rainbow hues or dark root lines take them to a whole new level of cool. The mix of prep and punk makes this modern bob unexpected and edgy. And it’s about time. This classic cut was in desperate need of a makeover. And we at BTR love it’s new look.

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