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Bobby Cannavale and John Turturro Team Up for Hair-Raising Comedy Short


Bobby Cannavale obsesses about his hair in a new short film for fashion house Rag & Bone.

Directed by and co-starring The Night Of actor John Turturro, comedy short Hair pokes fun at men’s vanity. The five minute feature premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival last month (Apr17), with Bobby and John ad-libbing all their lines as cinematographer Fred Elmes’ camera rolled.

In a behind-the-scenes video John explains how he approached his good friend Bobby as both actors are “kind of obsessed with (their) hair”.

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“We had all these different ideas and then Bobby wrote me this email saying he wanted this guy, (famed hairstylist) Harry Josh to do his hair,” John laughs to camera. “And in Bobby’s email, he just went on and on and I said, ‘Well this is just fantastic’. So then I realized that is what I am going to make the whole thing about.”

In the film, which was shot in a Brooklyn barbershop, Bobby enthuses to John that he can only have Harry do his hair.

“My hair is nuts bro. This took me like 20 minutes – each side to do this – with my special Harry hair dryer,” Bobby whines.

Rag & Bone co-founder and creative director Marcus Wainwright, who created the short as part of his label’s film initiative, praised his two leads, calling John an icon and Bobby a “long-time Rag fan”.

“Him and John are great friends who, for whatever reason, share a passion for their hair,” Marcus said, reports Esquire.

John added: “Clothes and hair go together; they’re part of our social identity,” says Tuturro. “People are very particular about their hair, they share tips, tricks about it – and the barber shop is where all this confidential hair information is revealed.”

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