Burberry + Apple: A Perfect Marriage Of Tech And Fashion?

Burberry has been teasing us all with Instagram photos using the new #iPhone5s all weekend long. Though the rest of the world has to wait until September 20 to get our hands on Apple’s new must-have item, Burberry and the tech giant joined forces exclusively for London Fashion Week.  The posts using the iSight camera have been stunning as well as innovative (we’ve even gotten a glimpse of the slow motion camera) and during the show this morning (or afternoon London time) we got to see the phone in all it’s photo capturing glory thanks to the partnership. To our surprise, it looked amazing. In fact, we had to double check to make sure the live stream we were watching was actually filmed from a mobile phone. 

Buzz surrounding a show is always a good thing, but we have to ask — why are designers diving into the world of technology?  This hasn’t been the first time that technology has crossed over into the fashion world — Diane von Furstenberg had her models wear Google Glass at NYFW just last week. Burberry is also no stranger to technology, they were the first fashion house to premiere a collection on Twitter. Christopher Bailey, Burberry’s chief creative officer, released a statement late last week saying “This collaboration celebrates our relationship and shared foundation in design and craftsmanship. We have a mutual passion for creating beautiful products and unlocking emotive experiences through technology, which has made it intensely exciting to explore the capabilities of iPhone 5s.”

These fashion and technology collaborations are only making fashion more accessible to the consumers and allow us to enter a world that was so foreign only a decade ago.  With all of these steps forward in technology we may be finally blurring the lines between the rich and famous and the everyday fashion follower.