Wear This: The New Fall Trends

Fashion may move seasons ahead of itself, but there’s no denying mother nature, as confusing (and confused as she may be). Case in point: we’re in the middle of viewing springs offerings when fall hasn’t even technically started. And, while the weather can’t seem to get it together now either, there’s no arguing that it’s time to trade in our strappy sandals for something a little more appropriate.

Boots got a little higher and skirts a little fuller.

This season, the stand out trends of the year weren’t news to anyone—leather pants have been around longer than Karl Lagerfield afterall—but, the new take on shapes, textures, and color, certainly made this a season to look forward to. Boots got a little bit higher, skirts a little fuller, and lady-like heels and skirts were paired with space-age graphic tees and knits, a perfect juxtaposition of the mashing of trends.