Seeing Double

Our biggest Sunday evening dilemma? Figuring out what color to paint our nails. With so many different events on our schedule during the week, we’re always on the hunt for a color that will work for all of them.

            Enter: duochrome polishes.

            Dubbed everything from “flip” to “oil spill” (we personally love the latter), these lacquers have a distinctive multi-toned color that comes into play under different light. How can you tell if a polish is duochrome? One way is to look at the bottle – if you’re having a hard time figuring out if the polish is green, blue, or brown, it’s probably a “flip” polish.

            “I love how unexpected it can be,” Katie Jane Hughes, butter LONDON’s Global Colour Ambassador, gushed to BTR, “The colors can change so drastically depending on the light and it is constantly eye-catching. Also, since holographic accessories are such a huge trend this season, it is really fun to have your nails mirror accessory fashions.”

            Since the colors change from bottle to fingertips, Hughes recommends testing the polish on one nail — before starting your mani — to see what the final hue will be. Polishes that have blue or pink finishes help minimize ruddy undertones in fair skin. Lacquers with gold or green flips make olive skin appear sun-kissed. Copper and purple hues add warmth and richness to dark skin.

To play up these futuristic colors, Hughes says a glossy finish is the key. Applying a high-shine topcoat, every other day, intensifies the unique tones in each color while prolonging its wear.

            Wanna nail this trend? Check out of gallery of this season’s coolest duochrome lacquers to help you polish up…