Givenchy Takes a Comfortable Turn

This summer marked the revival of the Birkenstock, with a motley crew that consisted of everyone from fashion editors, stylists, celebrities, and bloggers wearing the ultra-comfy sandal. The move from hippie to high fashion was solidified when Vogue declared the shoe to be having “a stylish renaissance”.  They did, however, insist on sporting a metallic leather or polish patent style, and wearing a ladylike dress to offset the generally-perceived ugly shoe.

According to Givenchy, the “ugly shoe” trend is going to continue well into spring and summer ’14

It doesn’t end there. According to Givenchy’s Spring/Summer ’14 collection, the “ugly shoe” trend is going to continue well into spring and summer, with their own take on the hippie-looking sandal. Unlike the Birkenstock, the Givenchy version will have thin ankle straps and studding on the heel. They’re also made out of a tinted PVC (we spotted red, black, and brown versions). One particular shoe had a gigantic buckle on the center strap, and frankly, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Amanda Seyfried or Lily Collins in a pair.

Our shoe game is about to take a very comfortable — and surprisingly chic — turn.

While we can’t say that these will gather the same steam that Birkenstocks did this summer, we have been noticing a general movement towards comfier shoe styles, both on the runways and on the streets. Teeter-tottering heels have been replaced by equally sexy point-toe flats, and thigh-high leather boots come in equally smoldering heel-less versions. Although we doubt heels have left the fashion eye for good, they’ve definitely been shifted aside for shoes that people can actually walk in.