Feast Your Eyes On These Decadent Nail Polishes!

Just when you thought you’ve seen and heard everything when it comes to holiday nails, trend-setting manicurists have gone and switched up the script. Case in point: glitter polish for — get this — Thanksgiving!?

Apparently, there is so much sparkle at Christmas that is just seems redundant —and gets lost — on nails. Now, the trend is to add a little more flavor to Thanksgiving rocking savory, shimmery, shades on your fingertips. And we’re eating it up.

While holiday-themed glitter is usually red or silver, Turkey Day sparkle is much warmer and gold-toned. Think changing autumn leaves (or the colors of Thanksgiving’s comfort food) — and you’re right on track. Our favorites? Gold, copper, olive, bronze and cranberry.

“It’s a welcome surprise and a great lead into the holiday season,” says Miss Pop (AKA Simcha Whitehill), the Manhattan-based nail artist. “It’s also a surprisingly practical pick.”

How so?

“Sparkle polishes act like a shield,” Miss Pop explains. “They adhere stronger to nails so they help your mani survive all the cooking and cleaning – plus all the clawing through deals the next day, Black Friday.”

Miss Pop and BTR curated a section of the glitter polishes so yummy, you’ll want to eat them up!