Every Wild Look From Gwen Stefani’s ‘Misery’ Ranked

Gwen Stefani’s new music video for her heartbreaking — but undeniably catchy — single “Misery” is a high fashion fever dream. Throughout the music video, Stefani can be seen twirling around a dimly lit, abandoned building. She’s hanging out in an empty parking garage, twirling in a dark elevator shaft and standing in a staircase swathed in fluorescent light, all while donning stunning couture.

Stefani’s always been at the helm of cutting edge fashion — especially when it comes to her music videos. In the past, she’s faced criticism for alleged cultural appropriation after adopting Harajuku style and donning a bindi. The girl has experimented with wild hair colors, going from from light, pastel blue, to pink, to her signature platinum blonde, and she’s long been involved in the fashion industry with her label L.A.M.B. 

It’s no surprise that Stefani’s still got it when it comes to drool-worthy style and elegance — she can literally pull off anything. Though “Misery” is something expected after her single “Used To Love You” featured similar, expressive, close-ups, the fashion alone sets this video apart and establishes Stefani in the same high-fashion realm as Lady Gaga

This video has so many amazing looks — so, so many. Actually, all of them are so utterly to-die-for it’s hard to choose a favorite. We’ve ranked every look from amazing to so-amazing-our-minds-are-literally-blown. Check out the looks below!

9. These Lace-up Boots And Black And White Bustier


This is the Gwen Stefani we’re used to. Her hair is done up like Marilyn Monroe, she’s wearing sexy fishnets, and the black-and-white print on her bustier is reminiscent of a pattern she’d use in her own L.A.M.B. line.

8. This Black Wig And Thigh-high Boots


It’s not everyday we get to see Gwen with dark hair — further proving she can literally pull off anything. There are some major Sia vibes to this look, and the boots are insane (in a fabulous way).

7. This Floral-accented Look


There are some major, unexpected Frida Kahlo vibes in this elevator shaft look — and it totally works.

6. This Long Sleeve Nude Dress


This color pallet on Stefani is amazing, and the short, frilly dress paired with the whimsical aspect of riding a bicycle makes her look like a gorgeous, little fairy.

5. This Black And White Look


This entire look (combined with the couch, floor, hair and wall) is a gorgeous play on texture. The gown itself makes this whole bit look like it could be a behind-the-scenes for a Vogue cover shoot.

4. These Mesh Nudes And A Crown


Girl looks like the Statue Of Liberty (in a totally powerful and high fashion way). This definitely sets the tone of the music video.

3. This Red Tulle Gown


Just look at the perfectly detailed bodice of this dress. The layers of red tulle against the backdrop of the dark, damp boiler room — perfection!

2. This Amazing Striped Skirt And Crop Top Combo


When the video cuts to this skirt and crop combo, you’ll literally gasp. Got to love formal separates and that fabric is so Gwen.

1. This Flowy Pink Tulle Dress


This might not be the most outlandish or wild look in the video, but it’s our favorite. The sheer, pink tulle is wearable and feminine, while the black layers and strappy leather belt toughen the look up in classic, Gwen fashion. Pale colors also look amazing with her white-tinged blonde.

Stefani’s new album ‘This Is What The Truth Feels Like’ is out now on Interscope Records.