Is This Mascara Better Than Sex Like It Claims?

Google ‘Better Than Sex’ and you’ll be bombarded with links for a (horrible) romantic comedy released in 2000, cake that IS better than sex, and (oddly) numerous coffee concotions. And while we can bear witness to some of these things actually being better than sex (not the movie, that’s for sure), So Cal cosmetic company Too Faced adds another runnner to the race with the release of their new mascara named, well, Better Than Sex.

It took our lashes from ‘oh’ to ‘OH!’.

The brand claims that the hourglass shaped brush will deliver the intensely volumizing formula (studies show a 1,944% increase in volume—HELLO), won’t run down your face, and will make you so giddy, you’ll swear it’s better than your favorite past time. While we can’t exactly say for sure if that’s the case for everyone, one coat of this thickening formula did take our lashes from ‘oh’ to ‘OH!’. We’re not ready to trade it in for the real deal, but we will admit this mascara is our current favorite.  

 Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara is available at Sephora for $24.