Is Karl Getting Karried Away?

Karl and Choupette Lagerfeld are at it again — this time, immortalizing their faces in the form of origami-like paper figurines.  Shin Tanaka, a Japanese graffiti artist turned paper toy maker, has teamed up with Lagerfeld (and his cat, of course) to create a collection of paper dolls that range from a mini Karl to Tanaka’s signature T-Boy. The KARLxSHIN Paper Toy Mania exhibit is currently on display until October 27th at the Karl Lagerfeld store in Paris. From there, it will travel to Berlin and then possibly gear up to be sent to various locations around the world. 

This, of course, isn’t the first time the 80-year-old designer has been a part of some outlandish — if not random — collaborations. And each new project seems to be crazier than the last. The Kaiser will slap his name on just about anything these days — and we love him for it.  If any other designers were to shamelessly promote themselves in such a ridiculous way, they’d dilute their brand and lose credibility. But when the mastermind behind Chanel becomes a My Little Pony figurine, we can’t get enough. We shake our heads, laugh and say, “Oh, Karl, you magical, mystical man.” (Then we run out and buy it.)

We went back in time to dig up some of Karl’s most ah-mazing Kollabs. It’s our little gift to you…