The Man Repeller Gets Serious (Sort Of)

The first time I met Leandra Medine, founder and ingénue behind the wildly popular website Man Repeller, we talked about everything from Alexander Wang boots, to bronzer (her sole makeup product of choice) to…her virginity. Of course, Medine took all of those awkward moments and made them funny and not the least bit uncomfortable, despite the fact that we were in front of my colleague, a tight-lipped — and uptight — former sorority girl who blushed at the sheer mention of the word “bra.”

We talked about everything from Alexander Wang to losing our virginity

Fast-forward two years to the release of Medine’s debut book, Man Repeller: Seeking Love, Finding Overalls.

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The Repeller Posse is gathered at Barneys (Medine’s home away from home) to toast the writer. In the two years since I first met her, Medine’s gotten married, moved out of her parents house (and lost that now infamous balcony for taking selfies), adopted red lipstick, and expanded her MR empire, all while still being the captain of her own ship.

“Have you met my mom and dad?” Medine, 24, asked in the middle of the most stylish crowd I’d ever been in (Simon Doonan assured me that being fully tattooed helped me to stand out on my own). “Isn’t my dad super hot?” It’s statements like this that remind me why she’s gotten where she is in such a short time: her humorous take on serious fashion — which also happens to be the new tagline for And, she is just that: a funny, fashionable woman who doesn’t take herself too seriously.

Designer Rosie Assoulin put it best via Instagram when she posted a photo of Medine wearing one of her designs at last night’s soirée. “She’s wearing it inside out, but she’s wearing it oh so well!”