Lily Collins To Woo Us For Lancôme

Lancôme announced today that 24-year-old actress Lily Collins would be the brand’s newest ambassadress. Following in the footsteps of Isabella Rossellini, Julia Roberts and Juliette Binoche, Collins will be the face of the Spring 2014 cosmetics campaign.

hello, Audrey Hepburn look-a-like

Though Phil Collins’s daughter is stunning, we can’t help but scratch our heads a bit. Yes, she has the iconic look down (hello, Audrey Hepburn look-a-like) but she doesn’t have the career that many of her predecessors had when they were chosen. Lancôme has typically gone for spokeswomen with a bit more experience under their belts (even the young Emma Watson has been in the spotlight since she was 12). Lily is more of a presence in the young adult community with past film credits including The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones and Mirror Mirror,  a young adult book adaptation and a Snow White remake respectively.

she can wear a vampy, purple lip one night and channel her inner Twiggy the next

Despite not yet reaching icon status in her acting career, Lily has shown up to premieres with beauty looks that regularly impress. The girl can show up to a premiere with a vampy, purple lip one night and come out channeling her inner Twiggy the next. Plus, we can’t deny her resemblance to many of the past ambassadors— dark hair and dark eyes perfectly framed by a strong brow. She’s ideal Lancôme bait.

Lily might be relatively unknown to Lancôme’s usual customers but the brand may be one step ahead of us all and have a future star in their hands.