Rad or Bad: Black and White Fur Coats

We’re all well acquainted with the Fall fur coat. Brown mink, amber fox and rabbit in a mix of soft shades – add a luxurious, yet neutral, touch to our wardrobe. But this year, the trend is a stark comparison. With black and white being THE unexpected color palette – both on the runways and the streets – it’s hardly a surprise that they have carried over into outerwear.

While we love all the traditional fall furs, this classic color combo is just as easy (if not easier) to wear. It has the same timeless quality as, say, leopard or lynx but it proves way more versatile. Pair ebony and ivory pelts over a monochromatic outfit and it’s instantly chic. Drape it over graphic prints and it reads downtown edge.

The tricky part? Black and white fur can look skunk-y. The key is to make sure the two hues are a bit blended to avoid looking stripey. This is especially important when coats are sewn in horizontal or vertical designs. And as with all fur — real or not — it’s important to keep the look lush and well maintained. With faux fabrics, the material must appear like plush hair and should not shed.

But the best news? You don’t have to splurge to get in on the trend. Just look at Eva Chen’s fierce coat. The faux fur is from ASOS and rings in well under $200. Now that’s pretty rad.

Take a peek at some of our picks in the gallery below!