Rad or Bad: Slouchy Leather Trousers

It’s no secret that the BTR office is obsessed with everything leather. Leather sleeves, leather jackets, leather booties – you name it, and there’s an editor to gush about it. We’ve been pretty public about our skinny leather pant obsession, too (in fact, this writer is wearing a pair right now), so it’s only logical for us to constantly be on the lookout for new ways to wear one of our all-time favorite textures. Enter: the slouchy leather trouser.

Stay with us here.

At first we were perplexed by the trend too. All that extra leather gathering around the crotch, thighs and butt just seemed like a really bad idea. However, there is something so wrong about this trend that makes it so right. Not only does it look downtown chic but the hip-slung placement, plays up the waistline in a really flattering way. (Can you say instant diet!). If worn with a fitted top — we particularly love the juxtaposition of a tight turtleneck — the result can be downright sexy. Steer clear of pairing the pant with a pair of flats; a pair of point-toe heels will look great with a cuffed leg, too.

When picking a pair, keep your height in mind. Taller girls can pull off an ultra-baggy look, while shorter girls should opt for a more tapered leg. Try both matte and shiny styles, but stick to dark colors – navy blue and chocolate brown are universally flattering, and you certainly can never go wrong with black.

Our verdict? Anyone can pull off a slouchy leather pant, so don’t slouch away from this trend just yet!