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These ‘Harry Potter’ Makeup Palettes Are Actual Magic

Just when you thought you’d seen everything from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, a brilliant Redditor has just blown our minds once more. Recently, Reddit user Spellsandstars posted some amazing Harry Potter makeup palette mockups. The palettes aren’t actually a real thing at the moment, but they are so gorgeous that they could be easily picked up by a makeup company or by Spellsandstars herself


Spellsandstars’ makeup palettes would come in four different variations; one for each Hogwarts House and the colors in the palettes would be based on  themes and named after the house’s traits. After the amazing palettes were posted, Potterheads and makeup fanatics alike chimed in with some fantastic ideas.

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User Mystwillow had some great suggestions about customizing the palettes even further and making a “sword handle for Gryffindor, quill for Ravenclaw, Branch for Hufflepuff, Snake tail for Slytherin. Then maybe a separate set of specialty brushes for eyeliner, etc. that were styled like wands.”



Someone please help Spellsandstars create these! We will give you all of our Galleons!


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