These ‘Harry Potter’-Themed Makeup Brushes Are A Halloween Must-Have!

Last week we told you about some amazing Harry Potter themed makeup palettes that are still in the very early beta stage. However, it looks like Potterheads don’t have to wait for Youtuber M Harwell to partner with a makeup company in order to apply a little bit of magic to their faces.

Storybook Cosmetics

Just in time for Halloween and the premiere of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Omaha-based triplets Missy, Mandy and Erin Maynard who run an amazing fan based jewelry store, The Geeky Cauldron have just dropped some magic wand wizard makeup brushes! The brushes are a part of the sisters newest venture, Storybook Cosmetics.

The makeup brushes will be available in about six weeks and their Sorting Palette eyeshadows are set to debut shortly thereafter! Though the pre-sales for the $55 brush set are already sold out, if you keep tabs on the sisters Instagram, we’re sure you can still grab them before the holidays really kick off!