Tutorial Tuesday: Red Ombré Pout

We love a classic red lip but sometimes it can feel a bit predictable – especially around the holidays. This year, we wanted to zhuzh it up a bit. I mean, who wants to look like every other girl standing next to a 6 ft. pine? Not us.

To help us create a beauty look that’s not only festive but also fresh, we turned to Rouge New York, a new full-service makeup salon in SoHo. Their sexy spin on a seasonal look? Ombré red lips. “It is unexpected and playful,” says Rebecca Perkins, co-owner of Rouge New York. “From the opposite side of the room, it looks like classic red lip but it’s only when you get close that you can see the unique technique. It’s a nice holiday surprise.”

For a step-by-step guide on how to achieve lips worthy of the mistletoe check out the gallery below.