You Can Now Buy A Shirt With The Entire Script Of Adam Sandler’s ‘Jack And Jill’

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Adam Sandler might be a highly regarded comedian, and he might have created such classics as Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison, but he also created the atrocity that is Jack And Jill. He even wrote the film and starred as both of the leads. He is pretty much solely responsible for the movie.

Before think, hey, don’t just jump on the bandwagon of hating on Adam Sandler, you must remember that Jack And Jill is so groundbreakingly terrible that it won awards for its awfulness. It actually became the first film in Razzie history to win every single award. It nabbed a Razzie for Worst Supporting Actress, Worst Director, Worst Screenplay, Worst Screen Couple, Worst Picture, Worst Actress, Worst Ensemble, Worst Supporting Actor and Worst Prequel, Remake, Rip-off or Sequel. The film even scored Adam Sandler the Razzie for Worst Actor. If the awards didn’t prove anything, the film itself lost millions of dollars in the box office, securing its status as massive flop.

Just because Jack And Jill is terrible doesn’t mean it isn’t legendary, and now you can own part of the legend. Someone on RedBubble has created a shirt that has the entire script of Jack And Jill. The design is even pretty trendy. You’d never be able to tell such an awful movie was hanging off your chest, unless you had a magnifying glass and some serious patience.

Honestly, who doesn’t want to look this cool?

jack and jill

This could be one of the coolest Adam Sandler-related shirts in existence.

jack and jill shirt 2

How does the whole script fit on a shirt? It’s practically as magical as the script itself.

jack and jill shirt 3

The shirt retails for about $27, which isn’t a lot consider some people probably paid $15+ to see this movie.


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