10 Best SportsCenter Commercials of All Time

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Ever since they debuted, ESPN’s SportsCenter commercials have always been neat slices of humor that allows the athletes to poke fun at their own image and pop culture. It’s been nearly 20 years since they first debuted, so here are 10 of the best ones. It’s not a true 1-10 ranking: I love them all so much I can’t pick one as being better than another.

1.  Roger Clemens: Still Got It

They had him prove that the 1994 hadn’t affected his fastball in a most unusual way .

2. Stephen King: Human Generator

Anything with the King of Horror is going to be awesome. 

3. David Ortiz: Betrayal

Oh, poor Wally the Green Monster…poor, poor Wally. 

4. Albert Pujols: The Machine

Pujols does a hilarious take on The Terminator. 

5. Steve Irwin: Gator Wrestling

May he rest in peace, but this is so hilarious. 

6. Floyd Mayweather: Punching Bag

It’s the last two punches that really make it. 

7. Dale Earnhardt, Jr.: Directions

Forget about stopping somewhere and asking for different directions. 

8. Peyton and Eli Manning: Family Tour

You KNOW this is how life was when they were growing up. 

9. Maria Sharapova: Cafeteria

Oh, like you’d save the seat for Stuart Scott, right.

10. The Kid: Not Ready Yet

Highlighting the dangers of leaving school too early to go pro. 

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