10 Lessons We Learned From MTV’s ‘The Hills’ — Happy 10th Birthday!

The Hills is one MTV’s most beloved reality TV shows — the drama, the glamour, Speidi, Paris, Justin Bobby’s beanie in 90 degree California weather. We remember it just like it was yesterday, except it wasn’t. It was 10 years ago. 

It might not seem like 10 years have gone by since Lauren Conrad got her first internship at Teen Vogue, and Heidi Montag almost ruined her BFFs chances at future success by crashing the VIP section at her work party (the VIP section that was so clearly only created for Heidi to sneak into  — scripted reality, guys). 

If there ever was a time machine back to the mid ’00s, it would be The Hills. Each episode is like a time capsule of an era where light wash flared jeans and chunky blonde highlights reigned supreme. 

Just look at the season one trailer!


By now, we know that nearly none of The Hills was factual, but at the time it seemed so, so real. Our lives were shaped by the many important lessons we learned watching Lauren, Heidi and the gang grow up on TV.

 Here are 5 of the most important lessons we learned from The Hills.

1. How To Know If Your Boyfriend Knows He Messed Up Without Actually Talking To Him About It


2. Never Sacrifice Fashion For Comfort Or Practically Under Any Circumstances


Hello, Justin Bobby. We see you in your leather jacket in the middle of summer with that oh-so-stylish slouchy beanie. Work.

3. Don’t Give Up Your Dreams For A Guy, Or You’ll Regret It


Remember when Lauren didn’t go to Paris to spend her summer with Jason? Yeah, that worked out well.

4. People Don’t Really Change


Unless you get plastic surgery — just look at Heidi.

5. Best Friends Don’t Have To Be Forever


When Spencer drove a wedge between Heidi and Lauren, Lauren cut her losses and tried to move on. In the end, they both seemed happier.

6. Boys Are Basically, Like, Totally Psychic 


7. Love Is Never, Ever A Question


Follow your gut, ladies. Your gut knows (but your boyfriend might not).

8. The Best Time For An Argument Is A Loud, Crowded Bar Or Restaurant


You’re definitely not going to misinterpret what people say if you’ve been drinking and can’t hear them. Blame it on the alcohol. Always, always, blame it on the alcohol.

9. Everything That’s Meant To Be Happens


Lauren didn’t choose Paris, but Paris definitely chose her. When she got a second chance to jump abroad for work, we learned that if it’s meant to be, it will happen, so we can all just stop worrying about our futures right now, okay?

10. Sometimes Things Have To Get Worse, Before They Get Better


Whether you’re dumping a guy who treats you badly, choosing work over friendships, or cutting off a toxic pal, The Hills taught us that the right choice isn’t always the easiest choice.

In honor of The Hills 10th anniversary, MTV announced The Hills: That Was Then, This is Now, a retrospective hosted by Lauren Conrad that airs on Tuesday, August 2nd.