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10 Life Changing Things Jack Donaghy Taught Liz Lemon On ’30 Rock’

Almost immediately Jack Donaghy wanted to be Liz Lemon’s mentor and he got his way on 30 Rock. Throughout the entire show he has taught her interesting things about managing others, but also about life. The head writer becomes so much better for it, but it’s sometimes hard to narrow down all the life-changing lessons he gave to her. So what did he teach her? These are the ten things everyone should know if they want to be successful!

1. It’s okay to humiliate your subordinates…to a point.


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2. Always dress for success.


3. How to not awkwardly walk in dress shoes.


4. Confidence is key.


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5. Don’t be afraid to try something.


6. Some people are not to be trusted.


7. It’s okay to talk about sex.


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8. A new phrase based on his favorite president.


9. Always try to comfort your friends even if you don’t want to.


10. Bad things make great TV.



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