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10 Reasons We’re Not Ready for ‘Downton Abbey’s’ Final Season

Tis the season to binge-watch Masterpiece Classic. The new year is just around the corner and so is the sixth and final season of Downton Abbey, which airs in the U.S. on January 3. Though it has already aired in the UK, many viewers who haven’t looked ahead, await the PBS premiere with anticipation and a lot of #feels. Here are just a few reasons why we’re not quite ready to say goodbye.

1. It’s the perfect blend of class and scandal.


The scandal arrived with Turkish diplomat, Pamuk, and hasn’t gone anywhere since! Downton Abbey has dished a LOT of steamy scandal, both on the upstairs and downstairs floors of the estate, all the while keeping the poise and grace of the 1900’s aristocratic class. From forbidden love to hidden romances to closeted butlers, this show is never short on drama with a capital D (for Downton of course)!

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2. The Dowager Countess is the sassiest lady on TV.


Maggie Smith doesn’t have to spout any spell to be the queen of this show, and with a title like “The Dowager Countess” you know she’ll be dishing sass left and right. One of the biggest losses we’ll mourn are those witty comebacks.

3. It makes us want to drink tea and freely be the old souls that we are.


Almost inevitably, Downton goes hand in hand with tea and pajamas. This doesn’t mean we have to be social now, does it?

4. Sometimes it’s actually historical.


Okay, so it’s not exactly the History Channel, but how often does TV have historical value? Downton sheds light on events such as WWI and WWII and gives an in-depth look at how social classes were impacted. Basically, watching Downton Abbey counts as homework…right?

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5. It’s ridiculously good fashion (for the 1900s).


Even as firm believers in jeans, we’re a little jealous of these ladies’ closets. As the seasons go by, Downton has showcased the evolution of fashion, with the Crawley girls donning plenty of hats and petticoats in the early seasons, leading up to the roaring ’20s. This season, we’re expecting some ‘flapper chic’, please!

6. It totally has ships you’ll hope are “endgame” (and you’ll continue to ship even when one half of the ship is gone…).


Even though it’s been three seasons since the mass apocalypse of character deaths (maybe it was only two…), we’re still on the Matthew/Mary train. And the Sybil/Branson train.

7. We’re rooting for Mr. & Mrs. Bates!

Huffington Post/PBS

It’s not just because they’re one of the only couples with both people alive…we’re just on TEAM BATES! These two lovebirds won our hearts, the moment they shared a spot o’ tea in the basement of Downton. They’ve been through the most struggles out of any couple in the show, but continue to stand by each other’s side. Here’s to hoping these two get a happy ending.

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8. It’d be wrong not to see little George, Sybbie and Marigold grow up to be boss heirs and heiresses of D.A.


With each of the Crawley sisters leaving a legacy for the Downton Abbey estate, it’s sad to think we won’t see this new generation of fashionably dressed tots grow up to throw Gatsby-sized house parties.

9. The person you’ve forced into watching Downton Abbey is going to miss it almost as much as you.


It started out as mission impossible, but they’ve stuck with you. Maybe, just maybe, they’ll agree to watch Upstairs, Downstairs.

10. What will we do with all the time we spent finding ways to stream seasons from the UK?


Will there be support groups for this?

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