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10 Reasons ‘Supergirl’ Will Work

The internet is abuzz with talk about the upcoming Supergirl pilot, and whether or not it’s going to be a complete disaster or a boon to superhero fans all over the world. There’s negativity surrounding it, to be sure, but it could very well be one of the best things to happen to mainstream comic media in the last few years. Here are ten reasons why it’ll most likely work — and the awesome costume isn’t even considered. That’s a given.

1. The CGI effects are actually quite decent. 


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The Supergirl trailer shows off some great-looking effects, like ones you’d see in an actual film. If this is the caliber of aesthetics we’re seeing for a TV series, it might just pull off some believable action scenes!

2. Kara is a relatable everywoman with whom viewers can relate to.

Because who hasn’t been pulled in a thousand different directions at a low-level office job? Who hasn’t thought they were destined for much more? Kara is down-to-earth despite her out-there powers, and viewers will pick up on this.

3. There’s a boss character we’re going to love to hate.

Cat Grant, the founder of CatCo., looks like she’s going to ruffle quite a few feathers. It’ll be worth tuning in to see her (hopefully) either turn into someone Kara can really confide in or get her comeuppance. Whichever happens first.

4. Kara is downright adorable.

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Her interactions with Jimmy Olsen really seal it, but she’s a kind of adorkable we don’t normally see on superhero TV serials. It’s refreshing.

5. Supergirl isn’t standing by waiting on someone else to save her. 

And she doesn’t need to, which the trailer communicates very clearly. Did everyone miss the memo that she’s from the planet Krypton?

6. Kara represents a female character on television who isn’t afraid to take chances and spread her wings, so to speak.

Kara is still learning to actually fly as Supergirl, and this looks to be metaphorical for the show as a whole. She’s still trying to figure out who she is, but she’s not shrinking back in the background and staying afraid. We need more role models like that on TV, especially for young comic fans.

7. We get to see the creation of an iconic superhero from the very beginning, from the costume to the personality.

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This iconic scene where Kara steps out with her finalized costume and takes charge of her identity should set the tone for Supergirl, and it reminds us we’re at the beginning of what could be a very interesting ride — unprecedented, perhaps.

8. Kara won’t have to deal with her powers or the burden of saving the world alone.

She’s got family to count on, and that’s part of what makes for fantastic TV, especially when it comes to fledgling superheroes.

9. Supergirl isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. 

Go ahead, just watch that gif. Do you think she’s playing around with those bad guys? Not a chance.

10. This is a Supergirl series. On a major network. Come on. 

We really don’t need much more explanation than that. It’s a step forward for female-oriented superhero media. And the future is looking quite bright.

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