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10 Reasons You Need To Be Obsessed With ‘Outlander’

If you’re prepared to sell your soul to the STARZ network gods, then we’ve got your poison: Outlander. The network’s hit fantasy drama, which centers around a World War II nurse transported back to 18th century Scotland, has already taken legions of fans by storm, due to its epic story, its sizzling romance and its pure awesomeness. Here are ten reasons why you need to be addicted, like, NOW:

1. There’s time travel involved.


Who doesn’t love a good time travel tale? Outlander gives us all the shenanigans and drama one wants in this type of story, without the ultra-cheesiness. This show makes defying the laws of the time continuum–dare we say it–almost believable.

2. The vintage fashion is to die for!

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While we love Claire’s World War II garb at the beginning of season one and during flashbacks, our obsession with her fashion escalated as soon as she got on that 18th century flow. Between those vintage Scottish frocks and those lavished French gowns, we’re about ready to time travel back to the olden days ourselves.

3. It’s based off a critically-acclaimed book series.


We bow to the brilliance of Diana Gabaldon, who cranked out eight books (so far) in the Outlander series between 1991 and 2014. The highly-acclaimed saga received numerous awards, including the Romance Writers of America’s Best Romance!

4. The soundtrack will have you like…


An orchestration of Scottish folk music? Yes, please. Add this soundtrack to your next Spotify playlist.

5. It features a HOT Scottish hero.

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Move over, Jon Snow. You’ll definitely be rooting for this series’ rough-and-tumble protagonist. Scottish screen actor Sam Heughan plays Jamie Fraser, the rugged Scot whom time traveler Claire can’t help but fall for (and we don’t blame her). Not only is Jamie an interesting and dynamic character, but he’s incredibly easy on the eyes.

6. It the perfect blend of fiction and non-fiction.


Think Downton Abbey meets Game of Thrones. While the whole ‘going back in time’ thing might toss this show into the Sci-Fi genre, Outlander is better defined as a historical drama. History buffs will go gaga over the 1940’s and 1740’s factoids that the series brings!

7. There’s plenty of romantic scandal to go around…


This show isn’t only for history buffs. Sit back, relax and get ready for some seriously steamy romance. Thanks, STARZ.

8. …and plenty of fight scenes.

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What would a period piece be without bloodcurdling battle sequences? Outlander gives us a sufficient amount of sword fighting (in kilts!) and political turmoil. Plus, it hosts one of the most despicable and disturbing villains to ever grace television.

9.  Claire is a strong, defiant, no-nonsense leading lady.


While Claire Beauchamp has never stepped foot into the 21st century, she certainly has the guts and confidence of a modern day woman. Even though she’s traveling from a society that–in our eyes–had limited respect for women, she’s entering a world that views females as second class citizens, all together; and she’s SO not going to stand for that.

10. Also, the show constantly leaves us like WHAAAAAATTT!!!


We live for those plot-twists and cliff-hangers. Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ, we can’t wait for more!

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