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10 Things To Know About ‘Supergirl’s Superman Tyler Hoechlin

It was recently announced that Tyler Hoechlin will portray Superman on The CW‘s SupergirlSo far, we have only seen the character in flashbacks and heard about his actions second hand. So what exactly can we look forward to? Getting to know the man who will put on the cape could certainly help! Here are 10 things to know about Tyler Hoechlin!

1. We already have an idea of what he looks like in his new costume…and he looks damn good!

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2. Hoechlin won’t be turning to anyone else’s depiction of the character before him.

Photo: Tumblr/Warner Bros.

“I never try to compare and contrast performances,” the actor told The Daily Mail “because it’s such an iconic character already. Superman is Superman so I’m just going to try to carry on the tradition of that and play that part.” Sorry Smallville fans!

3. We’re also going to see him as his alter ego, Clark Kent.

Photo: Tumblr/DC Entertainment

It looks like we will see both aspects of the superhero’s life. “I think the fun is going to be finding where Clark Kent is in this world,” Hoechlin continued. “I’m just excited to find out Clark’s sense of humour.”

4. You probably recognize Hoechlin from playing werewolf Derek Hale on Teen Wolf.

Photo: Tumblr/MTV

Too bad he won’t be bringing his fangs with him to Supergirl...at least we get the red cape as a consolation prize.

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5. There is a slim chance he could return to the role one day.

Photo: Tumblr

When asked if he’ll ever play the werewolf again the actor said not any time soon. “I don’t have any plans to right now,” Hoechlin said according to Hypable “I kind of feel like where we left the character, at least, when I knew it was going that way, kind of wrapped it up in the passing of the baton on to Scott, is just kind of how I felt like that story ended.” But then he added, “You never know with TV.”

6. He has dreams of leaving Hollywood for baseball eventually.

Today is a good day… Welcome back baseball! #OpeningDay

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Hoechlin doesn’t just want to play different characters for a living. According to his IMDb he also wants to be a professional baseball player one day!

7. He will also be in the next two Fifty Shades of Grey sequels as author, Boyce Fox

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Photo: Tumblr


8. But sorry book fans, Tyler admitted he has never read the books.

Photo: Tumblr/MTV


9. He almost starred in Twilight.

Photo: Tumblr/Summit Entertainment

He and Robert Pattinson were the final two in competition for the role of Edward Cullen.

10. Back in the day he play Martin Brewer on 7th Heaven aka Ruthie’s boo.

Photo: Tumblr/Spelling Television

All of the nostalgic feels!

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