10 TV Shows That Should Be Turned into Movies

Jonah Hex21 Jump Street was a huge hit. Well, not on television, but when they brought the show back as a movie. And there has been talking of making everything from Arrested Development to The Sopranos back to the big screen. So, which shows deserve to be resurrected from the dead or have a second live on the big screen? Here are our 10 picks.

Twin Peaks: I know the classic ABC TV show that crashed and burned more quickly than Glee already got the movie treatment with Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, but isn’t it time for some more? What is up with Bob and Agent Cooper and all the other terrors of the Pacific Northwest’s most haunted town all these years later. David Lynch is just making insane music videos these days anyway. Back to work!

Small Wonder: This sitcom about a family with a robot daughter was a weekend syndication staple in the ’80s. But wouldn’t a comedy about a girl blessed with artificial intelligence be even more interesting in the age of YouTube, Facebook, and real actual robots. No, Lars and the Real Girl didn’t already do this, but close!

Sabrina the Teenage Witch: Sorry, but we are going to keep talking about the proposed movie where Sabrina comes back as an ass-kicking superhero chick until it actually happens.

The Greatest American Hero: I don’t have a lot of brilliant ideas, but this is one of them. Bring back this early ’80s show featuring an everyday Joe who also serves as the world’s most inept superhero. We saw a similar concept with Kick Ass, but if you strip away all the badassery it could be a story about a modern sci-fi superfan who embraces the goodness in his heart and tries to make a difference in spandex, no matter how much skill he has. It will be the most hilarious movie about a would-be hero since Green Hornet — well, intentionally funny that is.

Hart to Hart: Do you remember this husband and wife detective show with Stephanie Powers and Robert Wagner? I did, as much for their witty banter and glamorous lifestyle as the crimes they solved every week. There was talk in the early 2000s of bringing this back as a show with married gay detectives. I don’t know if that’s a good enough gag for every week, but it would certainly make for an amazing movie. If the butler didn’t do it, certainly the houseboy did!

Battlestar Galactica: This TV is so great that it’s come back for two wars between humans and Cylons, so why not a third try? Bryan Singer (of X-Men and Superman fame) has been trying to get his version off the ground (or into orbit) for more than a decade. I would love if he could succeed, because those damn Cylons haven’t taken enough of a beating yet.

Awake: Yes, this NBC show only started in March, but it isn’t doing so well in the ratings so it might be time to rethink the premise. The idea is that a cop is in a car accident and his wife dies. Every night when he goes to sleep he wakes up in a different reality where his wife is alive, but his son dies. He has to solve mysteries in both, including just why someone thought to cast Wilmer Valderrama in another TV show. This is just a tired gimmick that keeps getting played out week after week, but wouldn’t it be great for a thriller as we quickly find out which reality is real and how he ended up in a psychological game of Twister in the first place? Yeah, much better at two hours than 24 episodes.

Friday Night Lights: Before it was a show, this was a movie already, so why not bring it back? Peter Berg, who directed the movie and created the show (and cast all of its alumni in the upcoming Battleship), says he has a script ready and would love to make a movie if he can get the original cast together. Maybe Eric and Tammy moved to Philadelphia (as we saw in the series finale) where they adopt a big homeless kid and teach him how to play football. If it scored Sandra Bullock an Oscar, it might work for Connie Britton too.

Jem and the Holograms: A live action version of this classic cartoon about dueling girl bands would be truly outrageous, truly truly truly outrageous. If Transformers can bring in billions, why can’t this, especially when you think of the added iTunes downloads that the Glee generation loves to roll around in like pigs in filth. I’m not sure who is suitable to play Jem, but I would love to see Taylor Momsen get her goth on as Pizazz, the badass leader of the bad girl group The Misfits.

Lost: I demand answers! I still want to know what the numbers are about and why there are polar bears and just what the hell was happening on that island in the first place. Maybe we need a Dharma Initiative prequel to solve some of those pesky riddles for us without stepping on the “everyone goes to heaven” finale that the creators insisted on.

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