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4 Things We Learned from the ‘Succession’ Season 3 Teaser Trailer

The revolution will be televised when Succession returns to our televisions this fall.

HBO has finally released a teaser trailer for season 3, and like you, we can barely contain our excitement. We’ve been waiting anxiously to see the next chapter of the Roy family’s story since season 2 ended in October 2019, and it looks like we won’t have to wait much longer. Here’s a first look at season 3 of Succession

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The trailer packed a ton of details into just 1 minute and 13 seconds, so there’s plenty to unravel. Let’s take a look at 4 things we learned from the Succession season 3 trailer.

Succession Season 3 Trailer: How does Logan react to Kendall’s big news?

Season 2 of Succession ends with Kendall Roy (Jeremy Strong) abruptly pinning the blame on his father, Logan (Brian Cox) for a major scandal regarding Waystar Royco’s cruise ship line at a news conference. Kendall’s decision obviously shocks the rest of the family, but the last shot of the episode shows a complicated expression on Logan’s face. It’s no surprise Kendall is at odds with his father again, but could Logan actually be proud of Kendall’s betrayal?

From the looks of it, not so much. The Succession season 3 teaser trailer opens on Kendall hyping himself up, presumably for his first face-to-face meeting with the rest of the family since the news conference. Unless we’re deceived by clever editing, it looks like that meeting doesn’t go well: about 10 seconds into the trailer, we see Logan appear to rush Kendall before being physically restrained by his bodyguard Colin, as well as Siobhan Roy and Waystar COO Frank Vernon (Peter Friedman). 

The only other interaction between Kendall and Logan we get in this trailer is a phone call mediated by Kendall’s assistant, Jess. 

“You tell him I’m going to grind his f—ng bones to make my bread,” Logan says during this call.

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We can only hope that the frequently estranged father-son duo have a private conversation at least once this season, but at his core, Logan Roy is a no-nonsense businessman. It seems all his attention at the onset of season 3 is on destroying his upstart son once more. 

Succession Season 3 Trailer: Where does this leave Shiv and Roman?

The other Roy siblings most invested in the company’s future — Shioban (Sarah Snook) and Roman (Kieran Culkin) spent season 2 trying to gauge where they might fit in on WaystarRoyco’s future plans. Shiv actually received the Pierce family’s blessing to take over as CEO before the PGM-WaystarRoyco merger fell apart, while Roman continually took big swings and misses to impress his father. 

It seems season 3 features much of the family trying to decide who they will back in the impending Logan-Kendall war for control of Waystar Royco. 15 seconds into the trailer, we see Kendall tell his siblings in a private meeting that Logan “was going to send [him] to jail. He’d do the same to all of us.”

Judging from the teaser, it seems Shiv might be the most persuaded to join Kendall in a rebellion against Logan. The catch? She tells Kendall that her support is conditional on him allowing her to take over the company. 

Will she go through with it? Can Kendall swallow his pride and personal desires to pursue the larger goal of finally ousting Logan? Or will their father outmaneuver them all once more? 

Logan asks Shiv  “Are you part of this family or not?” about 20 seconds into this trailer. It’s unclear who stands where at this point — and surely some characters will play both sides for a while — but we can already guess that Logan only views those who support him as “part of this family.” 

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Succession Season 3 Trailer: Will Greg continue to grow within the company?

Gregory “Greg” Hirsch (Nicholas Braun) has already come a long way from working as Tom Wambsgams’ (Matthew Macfayden) personal assistant in season 1. We’ve seen him grow accustomed to living a life of luxury, make the conscious choice to stick with the Roy family despite his grandfather’s objections, and ultimately help produce incriminating documents to help Kendall oust Logan from the company.

It seems season 3 finds Greg as one of the public faces of the cruise line scandal: after all, he testified in front of the Senate about the cruise ship scandal in season 2 and produced some of the documents he had previously destroyed to help Kendall implicate Logan at the very end of the season.

“Everyone’s going to battle in armor, and I’m sitting here exposed,” we hear Greg say over a scene of him surrounded by reporters and television crews. It seems clear Greg feels cornered due to his unwitting role in the cruise line cover-up. Somehow, he’s produced his most savvy moments at times when it seems he’s cornered. Only time will tell if the character’s gamble to support Kendall pays off, or if his friendship with Tom can survive the upcoming battle.

Succession Season 3 Trailer: What do we still not know?

The new season already made news earlier this year when it was reported that Hollywood stars like Alexander Skarsgard and Adrien Brody have joined the Succession cast. We’ve been eagerly anticipating how these actors will integrate into an already stacked ensemble, but it looks like we’ll have to wait a tiny bit longer: neither actor appears in the teaser trailer.

Similarly, we see very little of Connor Roy (Alan Ruck) in this teaser. Connor is present at a meeting with the rest of his siblings, but historically the character shows little interest in corporate affairs, preferring instead to set sights on producing his girlfriend Willa’s (Justine Lupe) plays and make a misguided run for president of the United States. Justine Lupe was promoted to a series regular for season 3, so we can only assume Connor and Willa will get in on the hijinks — we just don’t yet know when or how.

Other storylines absent from the season 3 teaser include Shiv and To’s upcoming attempts to salvage their rocky marriage and Roman and Waystar Royco general counsel Gerri’s (J. Smith Cameron) burgeoning relationship. Logan’s wife, Marcia (Hiam Abbass) is also noticeably absent from the teaser after receiving significantly less screen time in season 2 than season 1.

We can’t wait to break down the entirety of Succession season 3 when the season premiere airs this fall. Until then? It’s all gravy, baby. Let us know what you’re most excited to see in the new season!

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