5 Netflix Series To Hold You Over Until ‘The 100’ Returns For Season 4

It’s been two weeks since the finale of the The 100 left our heads spinning — is the world doomed? Why is the world always doomed? Haven’t they all gone through enough?


The sci-fi action-drama, which aired on Thursday nights on the CW network, has grown an immense cult following. It’s not exactly surprising for anyone who’s watched an episode because it takes all of two seconds to get sucked into the Sky Crew’s world. Each week we’d find ourselves riddled with anxiety, nervously debating what will happen next as Clarke and friends struggle to rebuild society on planet Earth, battle evil artificial intelligence and entangle themselves in those steamy, steamy love triangles that any teen drama just wouldn’t be the same without.

The whole world of the The 100 is captivating. How do people who were born and raised on a spaceship function in the natural world? How does a primitive society with no technology (they actually use a crank to work their elevator) get along with those who’ve only known technology and never tasted an actual vegetable from the ground?

While the finale of season three rounded off some plot lines that needed resolutions, the writers literally dropped the biggest bomb (just like the kind A.L.I.E. destroyed the planet with the first time). Sadly, The 100 isn’t supposed to return until 2017, so what are we supposed to do now?

 If you’re desperately in need of something to distract yourself with until season four begins, here are some Netflix series that will almost — almost — fill the hole in your heart left by The 100.

1. Ascension

The miniseries, which originally aired on the Syfy network, is an absolute gem.  The show begins in 1963 during the Cold War, when 600 people are lead to believe the Kennedy administration and U.S. government are launching a secret space mission in fear that the Cold War will escalate and destroy Earth. 600 volunteers board the spaceship, dubbed USS Ascension, to find habitable land on another planet. Most of the series takes place in the current day after a couple generations of living in space. Basically, it’s everything we miss from The 100’s first season and then some. Plus, the plot twists are insane.

2. The Returned

While The Returned doesn’t have anything to do with space, the eerie story line, suspense and drama will satisfy fans of The 100. Based off a French TV series by the name of Les Revenants, the show takes place in a small northwestern town where people who have died years prior start showing up at the exact age they died, as if nothing happened. Queue creepy stories of murder and tragic accidents, plus all of the emotional turmoil with those who returned trying to cope with learning they actually died and the family members of the returned trying adjust. This is not a zombie flick, but rather an emotional, dramatic mystery series with plenty of suspense.

3. Terra Nova

Terra Nova is like if The 100 took place inside Jurassic Park. They both share very similar plot lines, but solve the problem of Earth being completely destroyed in an opposite way. In The 100, when Earth was destroyed, the remaining humans hunkered down in space and tried to wait until radiation levels dropped and they could repopulate the planet. In Terra Nova, when the Earth becomes stripped of resources and is too polluted polluted to sustain life, a group of people travel 85 million years back in time to try and fix the problems start.  It’s definitely a bit cheesy, but worth a watch.

4. The 4400

The 4400 and The Returned have a similar premise. The show begins when 4,400 missing people reappear, completely unaged. Unlike The Returned, these people went missing over generations and did not distinctly return from the dead. Federal agents are placed on the case to study the group, who they dub the 4400, and find out how they’ve changed. There’s definitely themes involving superhuman powers and alien life.

5. Between

In this original Netflix series starring Jennette McCurdy, everyone in a small town over the age of 22 dies of a mysterious disease. As far as relating to The 100, it carries that whole teenagers save the world vibe and definitely explores the tension that arises when young men and women must effectively run a small town without adults to lean on.  McCurdy’s role is vastly different than what we’re used to seeing from her in iCarly, and she establishes herself as an actress capable of taking on serious, emotional roles.

Of course, as great as these shows might be, they’re not The 100. While The 100 is between seasons, what will you be watching?