8 (Literal) Craziest Characters in ‘One Tree Hill’

Oh, One Tree Hill, how we miss thee. Though our favorite angsty teen drama turned a little iffy during its later years, we can’t help but remember the show’s most unforgettable characters — psychopaths included. Let’s face it, Tree Hill had a bizarrely large number of crazies roaming around its 11 seasons for being a quiet North Carolina town. Now, we’re bringing them back to haunt your nightmares.

8. Emily Chambers


Otherwise known as “Jules”, Emily is the least crazy of Tree Hill’s bunch. Still, she did let Dan Scott hire her to break his brother’s heart. After actually falling in love with Keith, things still went south when the whole plot was revealed. Just, why, Emily? Why.

7. Nicki


As the ex-girlfriend of *swoon* Jake Jagielski and the mother of Jenny, Nicki appeared in the show’s earlier days to throw Peyton and Jake for a loop. The fact that she abandoned her baby but continually struts into Tree Hill like she owns the place gave us all a bad feeling. Not only does she attempt to steal Jenny back, but she’s ultimately responsible for Jake’s imprisonment. 

6. Deb Scott


Okay, now we’re entering into murderous-crazy territory. Though Deb never actually killed anyone, she did try and set her (even crazier) ex-husband aflame. Her character started as typical trophy-wife/basketball mom and transformed into unstable druggie/cougar who sleeps with men her son’s age. I guess being married to Dan Scott (see #4) would do this to the best of us.

5. Xavier 


Though he barely had a storyline, Xavier did some damage during his short appearances in One Tree Hill. His motives? We think he’s just a bad egg. He attacks Brooke twice, holds Brooke’s foster daughter hostage, and murders Quentin Fields. Go away, Xavier. 

4. Dan Scott


This man was probably the bane of most viewers’ existences, especially during the first few seasons of the show. Though he first appears as a dad who seeks to live vicariously through his son, we see his true colors when he acts cruelly towards Lucas, Deb and pretty much everyone else. Not only is he the biggest jerk to walk the planet, but he only occasionally shows moments of kindness. Oh, and he murdered Keith Scott. We’ll never forgive him for that.

3. Katie Ryan


When Haley’s sister, Quinn, came into the picture, so did a budding romance with Nathan’s agent, Clay. And so did crazy Katie. Deemed “unstable” by doctors, Katie tries to embody Clay’s deceased wife, tries to break up the romance between him and Quinn, and shoots them both (which they, fortunately, survive).

2. Nanny Carrie


We’re certain Nanny Carrie was taken straight from a Stephen King novel. Per usual, there was more to this silly character than first meets the eye. Not only was Carrie your typical try-to-seduce-the-husband nanny, but she had big plans to steal Haley and Nathan’s son, Jamie, as well. The method to her madness? Run over ‘grandpa’ Dan Scott and hold him hostage, a la Kathy Bates in Misery. We have to give her props for really putting the crazy in ‘crazy’.

1. Ian Banks


At first glance, you might not recognize this name. That’s because most of the time, Ian went by “Derek” when posing as Peyton’s biological brother. After finding, stalking and obsessing over Peyton, Ian goes into full horror-movie mode and tries to attack her twice. His scenes are by far some of the show’s creepiest, and we can’t help but find him one of the most concerning residents in Tree Hill history.