10 TV Ladies Who Are Fashion Icons

We often fall in love with television characters because of their stellar personalities or iconic lives, but some of our favorite ladies of the small screen will be remembered for their big fashion. Here are 1o TV ladies whose closets we would totally be down to raid.

Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City)
Style type: Haute Couture (or 'High Fashion')
Why we love it: This SATC lady owned the small screen and quickly became a style icon. Carrie struts the streets of New York City wearing all sorts of designer things we'd look absolutely ridiculous in. However, we can't help but go gaga over her gorgeous heels, hats and bold choices.
Mary Crawley (Downton Abbey)
Style type: Elegantly Classic
Why we love it: When we first met the eldest Crawley sister, she donned long, lacy dresses with sheer sleeves. However, as Downton progressed from the early 1910's into the late 1920's, we saw the show's fashion evolve with the decades. By season seven, Mary is smack-dab in the roarin' twenties and slaying the 'flapper' look with grace and poise!
Betty Draper (Mad Men)

Style type: Housewife Chic
Why we love it: As a former model turned stay-at-home mom, it's no wonder Betty Draper feels stifled in her everyday existence (okay, there are other issues too, but let's not get into that). With little under her control, Betty seems to take an interest in keeping her style choices her own. From adorable horse-riding boots to lavished gala gowns, we're jealous of all the looks Betty can pull off.

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Olivia Pope (Scandal)
Style type: Trendy Professional
Why we love it: We've never seen a "gladiator" as fierce or as stylish as Olivia Pope. This political powerhouse runs a team of well-trained agents and demands to be taken seriously. For Olivia, "serious" doesn't mean drab; instead she sports a host of clean-cut jackets, pencil skirts and blouses that we so wish we had in our closet.
Serena van der Woodsen (Gossip Girl)
Style type: Preppy Bohemian
Why we love it: Is there an outfit of Serena's we don't like? Whether it's a cute pair of kitten heels paired with a little black dress, or a comfy scarf paired with a trendy plaid jacket, this girl has some serious style no matter the season.
Claire Underwood (House of Cards)
Style type: Fiercely Sophisticated
Why we love it: With a fashion sense that screams "don't mess with me" and "I look like I belong in Vogue", it's no wonder that Claire makes the list of most trendy television starlets. We'd love to waltz into the office in one of her neutral-colored jackets or ultra-feminine business suits. #goals
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Jess Day (New Girl)
Style type: Schoolgirl à la Mode
Why we love it: "A la Mode" is more than just a dessert; it also means "fashion-forward". This new girl moved in with a closet full of cute patterned button-ups and polka-dotted blouses. Her unique look bodes well for those who want a bright and sunny style!
 Cookie Lyon (Empire)
Style type: Leopard-Print Glam
Why we love it: If this getup doesn't scream "diva", we don't know what does! Sporting plenty of print, fur, and occasionally a fuzzy boa, we can't help but admire this character's insanely cool apparel. Cookie slays!
Rachel Greene (Friends)

Style type: '90s Queen 
Why we love it: Few women can rock a pair of white tennis shoes, denim-jean overalls and a stripped tee the way Rachel Greene can. In 2016, most of this beloved character's fashion choices might seem iffy...but it's safe to say we all wish we could be as bold (and as bra-free) as this NYC dweller. 

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Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones)
Style type: Exotic War Goddess 
Why we like it: While Khaleesi didn't wear much during the first few seasons of GoT, her wardrobe has flourished along with her desire to rule the Seven Kingdoms. Nowadays, Dany's medieval gowns make the Mother of Dragons a QUEEN of fashion.