A Burt Reynolds, Loni Anderson Sitcom?

ALT TEXTLet’s say you get a divorce. You went through everything — the papers are finalized, the fees are paid, the assets are divided. Now what? I’m assuming, mainly because you just got divorced, that you hit the road because you never, ever, ever want to spend time with that person again. Right? I mean, I know some divorces go smoothly, but come on, if you want to be legally separated from someone after committing to life together, there’s got to be something wrong with the day-to-day relationship. (Hence, the divorce).

But that’s not stopping Burt Reynolds and Loni Anderson.

The former couple — who were married from 1988 to 1993 — are rumored to star in a sitcom together as an old, bickering couple in a nursing home. It will be written by All in The Family creator Norman Lear.

I don’t know about you, but the last thing I’d want to do would be see my ex-wife everyday (if I had an ex-wife), let alone work with her. Eeesh!

But maybe Reynolds and Anderson are different that the typical ex-couple and have a good relationship. After all, they have an adopted son together named Quinton who’s now 22. And who knows, maybe the chance to fight with your ex on a daily basis is an appealing concept. Actually, now that I think about it, that’s not that bad of an idea. To my high school girlfriend who broke my heart into a million tiny little pieces, if you read this, shoot me an email. I have an idea for a TV show.

Source: The National Enquirer via Celebitchy