A Tribute to Ryan Murphy’s Best Series: ‘Nip/Tuck’ #TBT


Everyone knows Ryan Murphy from the wildly popular supernatural thriller American Horror Story and the musical teen comedy Glee. Five people know him from the failed sitcom The New Normal. However, Murphy’s first critically acclaimed series was the sexy, no holds barred series Nip/Tuck. This surgery-focused soap helped define the FX network. It capitalized on the channel’s ability to use suggestive language, strong sexual dialogue, and nudity. Not to mention it really explored society’s obsession with perfection and touched on issues ranging from female circumcision to sex addiction.

William McNamara (Dylan Walsh) is a plastic surgeon and depressive family man struggling with a disenchanted wife Julia (Joely Richardson) and a really angry son Matt (John Hensley). His partner at the medical practice is Christian Troy (Julian McMahon), a hardcore ladies man obsessed with his looks, youth, and freewheeling lifestyle. They help their patients fix whatever they don’t like about their bodies but the surgery of the week often has to do with a major issue affecting the cast. The show blends family drama with major dramatic conventions like a serial rapist, gang connection, and an organ-harvesting ring.

The guest stars on the show include a significant portion of IMDb. Not only does the series feature American Horror Story cast members Kate Mara, Sarah Paulson, and Christine Eastabrook, it also features Lily Rabe’s mother Jill Clayburgh who was nominated for an Emmy for her appearance on the show. Glee cast members Jesalyn Gilsig and Iqbal Theba. Not to mention appearances by huge A-list actors like Bradley Cooper, MoNique, and Alec Baldwin. Extra host Mario Lopez reveals his assets as a rival doctor. Famke Janssen and Vanessa Redgrave have major recurring roles on the show. There is even an appearance by French film icon Catherine Deneuve andRuPaul’s Drag Race stars Willam Belli and Kelly Mantle. 

Besides stunt casting and shock value the series has a major core of really solid storytelling. The dark and twisted lives of the people responsible for creating beauty is sometimes too much to handle. The series is not only unafraid to explore sexual taboos, controversial politics, and downright trashy soap opera conventions, but is deliciously addctive and includes quite a few twists, misdirects, and WTF moments (much like Murphy’s other series). Fans of the outlandish plots of American Horror Story or the offbeat comedy of Glee will love this show. The series offers great binge-watching potential and is great to feed your Netflix addiction. The entire series is available and you can pop a bottle of champagne, circle your problem areas, and enjoy every jaw-dropping minute.