ABC’s Official #TGIT Trailer Is Shondaland At Its Best

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It’s no secret that Thursdays are Shonda-days. ABC Showrunner and producer Shonda Rhimes has been blessing TV lovers with epic story arcs and insane plot twists for over a decade. First with her Emmy nominated show Grey’s Anatomy; the long loved medical based drama, then with the incredibly riveting Scandal, and now with the heart stopping law-inspired How To Get Away With Murder. Shonda Rhimes is on a roll. Not only are the shows really well done, they are also female driven stories with diverse and extremely talented casts.

There were a ton of jaw-droppers in Shondaland at the end of last season and fans needed the entire summer to recover. On Grey’s Anatomy fans saw McDreamy’s demise, Fitz threw Mellie out of the White House on Scandal, and though viewers had yet to get over the first two, there was another shocking murder on How to Get Away with Murder. Though TGIT lovers could probably try and guess what might happen to their faves on these respective shows during the upcoming season, if Rhimes’ track record is any indication, speculation is probably pointless.  Check out the new ABC TGIT trailer below and get excited.


If this trailer doesn’t thrill you, then news of Shonda Rhimes’ latest endeavor surely will. Once How to Get Away with Murder goes off the air for the season, Rhimes’ new show The Catch, where she acts as executive producer, will take over that time slot. This new series will center around a fraud investigator who realizes that she is about to become her conning fiancé’s latest victim.

Though the official premiere date for The Catch has not yet been released, new episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder will begin Thursday, September 24th on ABC.


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