20 Actors You Forgot Were On ‘Smallville’

Amy Adams
Yep, that's Amy Adams in a fat suit. In "Craving," she play Jodi, a classmate of Clark's desperate to lose weight. Her solution isn't exactly safe.
Shawn Ashmore
His twin, Aaron Ashmore played Jimmy Olsen for multiple seasons, but did you know that Shawn was on the show first as Eric Summers in 2002?
Ian Somerhalder
For 6 episodes, he played Adam Knight, formerly known as Chad Nash, a teen resurrected and sent to spy on Clark Kent and Lana Lang.
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Christopher Reeve
The original Superman had a cameo on this show, as Dr. Virgil Swann, a wealthy scientist that communicated with other planets and a founded Veritas.
Brian Austin Green
This Beverly Hills, 90210 alum appeared on Smallville as Metallo, a man machine with a Kryptonite heart.
Tori Spelling
This 90210 alum played Linda Lake, a weekly gossip columnist for The Daily Planet.
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Lizzy Caplan
This 'The Interview' star first appeared on Smallville in 2001 as Tina Greer, a girl obsessed with Lana Lang who could shape shift.
Lynda Carter
Wonder Woman made sure to stop by this Superman-themed show. She appeared in the episode "Progeny" as Chloe's mother with an ability to control people affected by the meteors.
Eric Christian Olsen
In the episode "Hourglass", Olsen played the handsome younger version of the serial killer Harry Bollston.
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Sean Faris
This Pretty Little Liars villain appeared on Smallville back in 2002 as Bryan, a man writing poems and leaving them at Lana's parents' grave site.
Paul Wesley
Before The Vampire Diaries, he played Lex Luthor's gambling, estranged half-brother Lucas Luthor that Lex had to rescue.
Carrie Fisher
After her days as Princess Leia, she played Pauline Kahn, the editor-in-chief of The Daily Planet, that denies Chloe a job.
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Tyler Posey
Before his days as a Teen Wolf, Posey appeared in the episode "Subterranean" as Javier Ramirez, an illegal immigrant seeking Clark's help.
Christina Milian
In "Action" Christina played Rachel Davenport, an actress in the movie Warrior Angel that is filming in Smallville.
Adam Brody
Before his days as Seth Cohen on The O.C., in the episode "Crush" he played Justin, a boy with telepathic abilities with an obsessive crush on Chloe.
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Teri Hatcher
In "Abandoned," Hatcher played Ella Lane, Lois Lane's mother who made a video for Lois before she died.
Cobie Smulders
Before How I Met Your Mother and The Avengers, she was Shannon Bell, a woman Lex Luthor has a one night stand with (and is then mysteriously slaughtered in his bed).
Ryan Merriman
In the episode "Velocity" he played Jason Dante, a drag racer using meteor rocks for fuel, who almost killed Clark and Martha Kent.
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Evangeline Lilly
Before her Lord of the Rings and Lost success, she was an uncredited "school girl" from 2002-2004 on this hit show.
Miranda Cosgrove
This iCarly star was uncredited in 2001 episode of Smallville as a 5-year-old Lana Lang.