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Actress Katheryn Winnick still waiting for Vikings apology from Conor McGregor

Actress Katheryn Winnick is still awaiting an apology from ultimate fighter Conor Mcgregor after he messed up her directorial debut by bailing on TV drama Vikings at the last minute.

The Canadian star, who plays Lagertha in Vikings, created a character for Conor to play and had him booked to appear in an episode she was directing, but the Irishman was a no show, leaving Katheryn with a big headache.

“We actually tried to get him on the show but the timing didn’t work out,” she tells TMZ. “It wasn’t the right thing, but I’m actually a fan of Conor McGregor… I think he’d make a great Viking, but I (no longer) think he’s right for our show.”

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Expanding on Conor’s decision not to show up to set for his appearance on Vikings, the actress tells the news outlet, “I wrote him a role with the writers… and it just didn’t work out… I had to change the entire scene… and I had less than a few hours to change a whole scene.

“I didn’t hear an apology (from McGregor) yet, but I think he was just doing his thing.”

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