Adam Devine does dumb things in Quibi’s ‘Bad Ideas with Adam Devine’

‘Bad Ideas with Adam Devine’ is an adventure series that goes to different locations and does some dumb things.

and Adam Devine is the perfect host for it.

In it Adam goes to locations that are naturally pretty dangerous and then tries to one-up the situation to make it especially horrible. Going into a chili pepper eating contest is difficult enough, but what if you went in with the hottest pepper possible? Driving a narrow cliff called “The death road” is difficult enough, driving it in an ice cream truck is even worse of an idea. Don’t worry, Adam isn’t alone. He’s bringing some of his celebrity friends including Anders Holm, Blake Anderson, Brent Morin, “CJ” Lana Perry, Rebel Wilson and Thomas Middleditch along for the ride.

Glad for once I’m not a friend of Adams.


‘Bad Ideas with Adam Devine’ is available on Quibi now.