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Adrian Grenier Tries to Revive Member of Actual Entourage

A member of Adrian Grenier‘s real-life entourage was rushed to hospital on Monday night after the actor tried unsuccessfully to revive her.

The actor tried to resuscitate a publicist for the Sundance Film Festival, who collapsed while she was partying with the Entourage star in Park City, Utah.

A witness tells the New York Daily News, “Everyone was just drinking beer and singing karaoke around her while she slept upright on the couch.

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“Someone lifted her eyelid, saw her eyes roll back (in her head) and then everyone freaked out. The paramedics, the police, everyone came.”

Grenier gave a statement to police on the scene.

The publicist was treated for altitude sickness and dehydration.

The unnamed woman’s boss, Lara Shriftman says, “She didn’t sleep and she didn’t eat and she just fainted. She was back at work at 10 a.m. (Tuesday morning).”

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