8 Reasons Why We Are Pumped For ‘Agent Carter’ To Return

This week sees the return of Marvel’s First Lady, the one and only Peggy Carter, as Agent Carter makes its much-anticipated return to ABC with a two-hour premiere. Between appearances in the Captain America movies and the first season of Agent Carter, Hayley Atwell’s Peggy has become one of our favorite parts of the Marvel Cinematic Universe – so here’s what we’re looking forward to seeing in the premiere.

1. Peggy’s heading to Hollywood


It’s goodbye New York and hello Hollywood for Peggy, who’s moving across to the West Coast to explore ‘40s Los Angeles. That means we get to see her tackle a city dominated by Hollywood at its height – and we have a suspicion that the tough-talking Peggy won’t take too kindly to the vanity of Beverly Hills.

2. Jarvis is along for the ride


James D’Arcy was one of the surprise highlights of the show’s first season, as the none-more-English butler to Dominic Cooper’s Howard Stark. Luckily for us, he’ll be caught up in the thick of it all over again, as he’s busy helping his boss set up a Beverly Hills estate to go with his brand new movie studio.

3. She’ll be showing the men how it’s done


Marvel still hasn’t given us a female superhero solo film, but when Agent Carter is so unabashedly feminist, it’s easy to forget that. From hitting back against the gender norms of the period to proving herself the superior of every one of her male colleague’s, Peggy demonstrated time and time again that she’s a lot more than a pretty face – even if that’s all that the world sometimes sees.

4. Asses will get kicked


And on that note, judging from the clips we’ve seen so far, we can expect her to show plenty of men how it’s done in a rather more direct way too. It looks like she’ll have to fight her way through most of Los Angeles, and we can’t wait.

5. Angie’s back (but we don’t know how)


We kind of loved Lyndsey Fonseca as Peggy’s adorable best friend Angie, and weren’t happy at all to find out she wouldn’t be a regular cast member for season 2. Not all is lost though – Fonseca confirmed on Twitter that Angie will be making an appearance on the show in some form – we just don’t know what that’ll be yet.

6. It’s our first link to Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange


Doctor Strange is one of the most exciting Marvel movies on the way – and not least because it’s starring Sherlock himself, Benedict Cumberbatch. The good news for Agent Carter fans is that the show will contain the first link to the new film, in the form of ‘Zero Matter’ a.k.a. the comics’ Darkforce. “Certainly with Darkforce, it touches on Doctor Strange,” showrunner Tara Butters explains – but that’s all we know so far.

7. More iconic Peggy Carter looks


Sure, she may not get a spandex suit or fancy high-tech armor, but Peggy still manages to be the best-dressed person in the Marvel universe without even trying. Season one’s blue suit and red hat have already become firm cosplay favorites, and we have high hopes for a few more iconic outfits as she punches her way through L.A.’s underground.

8. We get more episodes


The show’s first season was a slender eight episodes, but we’ll be getting ever so slightly more time with Peggy this year, as ABC has ordered an extra two. OK, so we’d still rather have a full 22-episode order, but we’ll take all the Agent Carter we can get.