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Allison Williams: ‘Blonde hair is Ruining My Marriage!’


Natural brunette Allison Williams is beginning to hate her blonde makeover, joking “divorce is imminent” thanks to her platinum locks.

The Girls star tied the knot with tech entrepreneur Ricky Van Veen in 2015, but after recently dyeing her hair, the actress is convinced her marriage is in jeopardy.

“It’s very cute, my divorce is imminent,” she quipped as she showed off her new look on U.S. chat show Live! with Kelly on Tuesday (21Feb17).

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All joking aside, Allison acknowledged her husband has actually been “very sweet” about her new look, but she is convinced his nice remarks conceal a secret desire for her to return to brown hair.

“He does like it,” she shares. “(He says), ‘It looks so nice, when do you think you’re gonna go back?’”

“I think he just liked it when I didn’t look like I did anything to myself,” she adds. “He genuinely prefers no effort.”

The 28-year-old confesses she also prefers a more low maintenance hairstyle, noting that although blondes are supposed to have more fun, she’s feeling “so stressed about it”.

“It feels different, its not as soft as it used to be,” she notes, “I try to brush it more slowly than a person brushing a dead person’s hair.”

The texture of her dyed blonde hair isn’t the only problem she’s facing – the new look is also disrupting her sleep.

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“Not only do I have a satin pillowcase, I have a satin eye mask, so the back of my eye mask doesn’t pull on my hair, and I sleep in, like, a bonnet,” she shares.

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